BellingtonBlack Interim Management
Where experience really is the difference
Bellington Black has a select group of proven Interims available to our customers.  These highly experienced Interims are all proven and able to address key issues within an organization from trouble-shooting, business transformations and operations through to technology delivery and outsourcing activities.
Our Interims take full line or project responsibility immediately on joining their client as you would expect.  All our Interims are able to do this as they have proven track records, are usually over qualified and have an action orientated mindset.

Selected Case Study 


The delivery of outbound communications for the client was failing to deliver to the business and their clients expectations.  In addition a major programme requiring the take-on of 2.8 million policies was also being affected by this function's under performance and this was being raised as a continual concern by the client.  An executive decision was made to bring in an external organisation to provide an Interim to address the issue and position the business for the future.

Achievements: Our Interim worked with the client to achieve a successful solution to their issues delivering;

  • An overall plan was delivered including organisational design, procedures, roles and responsibility proposals, which were subsequently approved.

  • Two different areas of the client’s business were successfully brought together into one function to take responsibility, provide a focus and improve teamwork across the full delivery lifecycle.

  • The implementation of an integrated project and delivery plan, business and functional requirement documentation processes, the introduction of two types of quality gates and a live commissioning process were all established.

  • Overall the quality of all outputs were improved from specification into live.

  • The production of outbound communications rapidly became a trusted area of delivery to the business and its clients.


    Selected Case Study 


    Take on the responsibility for numerous Information Technology departments across 43 sites in 20 countries.  Implement a business transformation programme to reduce costs, while developing a new IT strategy and taking it through to implementation.  The strategy had to be aligned to the exit strategy of the client thereby allowing the businesses to achieve their targeted multiples on disposal.

    Achievements: Our Interim worked with the client to achieve a successful solution to their issues delivering;

    • Designed and implemented transformation programme delivering new strategy and cost reduction objectives. 
    • Defined and implemented the Group Policies and Minimum Standards.
    • Designed and implemented outsourcing strategy delivering £100k reduction in EBITDA to the businesses resulting in the cost ratio for function being below the average in the industry.
    • Undertook major sourcing review and developed a new sourcing strategy which removed £2m from the bottom line of the group, reducing costs on category by 25%-35% each time.
    • Identified a number of significant compliance legal issues which were resolved through negotiations with suppliers and a change programme saving the business £2m.
    • Designed and implemented the ERP and application strategy for the businesses including consolidation and retirement activities.
    • Successfully managed the disposal of the various businesses sold off by the group ensuring no loss of multiples.



    • Strategy

    • Business Turnaround & Recovery

    • Consultancy

    • Interim Management

    • Cost Management

    • Transformation Programmes

    • Programme Management

    • Strategic Sourcing

    • Security

    • Outsourcing Selection

    • Document Testing