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Our Core Markets and Services

We are an organisation able to work at a business and technical level with our clients, to whom we provide Interim and Consultant resources able to deal with difficult business issues such as organisational change and programme delivery/recovery.
We provide solutions and services predominantly to the Financial Services, Insurance, Life and Pensions, Manufacturing (Chemical and Food), Private Equity, Oil and Gas and Utility sectors. 
  • Interim Services and Consultancy
  • Programme Directors for Transformation Programmes
  • Recovery and Intervention Services
  • Sourcing and Cost Management
  • Operations Improvement Services

We aim to deliver outstanding and practical Interim and Consultancy solutions to those organisations who understand it's the experience of the team which succeeds and not its scale. 

We are always keen to meet new clients who are highly motivated and driven to succeed, for we know these are the most exciting and rewarding clients to work with.

Our Belief

In today's market we believe all organisations want the same thing when they approach a company to partner with them to deliver Interim and Consultancy services:

  • professional Interims and Consultants who can get to the core issues quickly and won't bury them in their processes
  • commercially orientated professional Interims and Consultants who know it's the cash in the P&L that matters
  • access to experienced professional Interims and Consultant who actually work on their problem and not some junior, and
  • an organisation they can truly depend on to be there and be interested in their success

Bellington Black was formed to deliver these highly capable Interim and Consultancy resources to organisations who are looking for experience and expertise, this is why we don't have any juniors and all of our professionals have at least 10 years of experience.  

Our Approach

Our Interims and Consultants are all experienced professionals in their areas many having held posts as Managing Directors, Chief Information Officers (CIO), Partners and Vice Presidents in some of the largest consultancy firms and commercial organisations around the world delivering real long term solutions.

Bellington Black represents a single, trusted partner through which you can address your needs.  We won’t try to dazzle you with jargon or use obscure words when ordinary ones will do because we want to help you in a practical and understandable way. 


  • Strategy

  • Business Turnaround & Recovery

  • Consultancy

  • Interim Management

  • Cost Management

  • Transformation Programmes

  • Programme Management

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Security

  • Outsourcing Selection

  • Document Testing